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18 Bachelor Programs in Slovakia for 2024



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Bachelor Programs in Slovakia

With a history in higher education dating back to the foundation of the Universitas Istropolitana in 1465, Slovakia offers a rich and diverse academic experience for Bachelor students. Institutions of higher education are divided into two categories: universities and colleges, some of which are public, some funded by the state, and still others are private. Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Engineering are some of the subclasses of the Bc diploma that students receive upon successful completion of the first stage of university.

Bachelor degree programs in Slovakia last for approximately three to four years, depending on the area of study, the student, elective courses and the school. Electrical Engineering, Architecture and Urban Design, Automation and Process Control of Raw Materials, Applied Informatics, Telecommunications, Civil Engineering, Biotechnology and Food Technology are just some of the various Bachelor programs offered by universities and colleges in Slovakia.

If you think a Bachelor degree might be the next step on your path toward a rewarding career, then why not scroll down and read more about the featured universities and colleges in Slovakia, listed below?