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11 Bachelor Programs in Political History 2024



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Bachelor Programs in Political History

Colleges and universities award bachelor degrees, and they typically take three to seven years to complete. Students study a specific subject, which is sometimes called a major. The degree prepares students for entry into the workforce or a post-graduate program.

What is a Bachelor in Political History? This bachelor program explores the relationship between politics and history. Students discover how political systems shaped and influenced historical events. The coursework involves in-depth research and writing. Students may be required to conduct comparative analysis of political ideas, social movements, government policies and global affairs. The curriculum may cover the culture, societies and economies of regions, such as the Middle East, African, United States, Asia, Caribbean, Latin America and Russia. Additionally, topics may cover the Arab-Israeli conflict, the British Empire, World War II, the Vietnam War, religion, racism or democracy. Participants have the option of choosing a minor in a subject such as gender studies, anthropology, African studies, African American studies or religious studies.

Students pursuing a Bachelor in Political History gain strong research, writing and analytical skills. This skill set benefits them in many areas of life. Additionally, these skills are essential for helping them advance in their chosen field.

The cost of a bachelor’s degree in political history varies based on the college or university. Prospective students should research institutions carefully to ensure they enroll in a school that suits their academic goals and budget.

Graduates with a Bachelor in Political History have a broad range of career options. Individuals obtain employment in government, educational institutions, non-profit organizations and the private sector. The types of positions these individuals hold include social studies teacher, research specialist, journalist, political campaign manager, immigrant advocate, non-profit program director and community organizer. In some cases, graduates pursue higher academic credentials, such as a Ph.D. or law degree.

Colleges and universities across the globe offer online courses for obtaining a Bachelor in Political History. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.