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14 Bachelor Programs in Social Sciences Political Science Peace and Conflict Studies 2024



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Bachelor Programs in Social Sciences Political Science Peace and Conflict Studies

Bachelor’s degrees open doors. They prepare students for further academic studies and for movement into enjoyable careers. These programs typically take about four years to complete. Students are exposed to the fundamentals in their chosen course of study and may choose to gain employment in their field while continuing with advanced degrees.

What is a Bachelor in Peace and Conflict Studies? This interdisciplinary program focuses on the resolution of conflicts at interpersonal and global levels. Students will study the dynamics between individuals and groups in home settings and the work place, and on a much broader scale. Course topics may include conflict theory, social movements, human rights, conflict management and resolution, and the processes of change. Students scrutinize destructive wars, their causes and their resolution. Similar examination of peace processes take place.

Students in the program benefit from multifaceted perspectives on complex interactions. They take close looks at the elements of peace, conflict and social order. With exposure to questions of economics, politics, history and ecology, the student graduates with a deep understanding and appreciation of the processes of change and how individuals and entire societies can be affected.

The costs of participation in this program can vary a great deal between schools. This is especially true from one country to another. Those who are interested in becoming students should contact the individual schools for accurate tuition and fee information.

With a bachelor’s degree, graduates are prepared for careers as communication coordinators or assistants, community development organizers, journalists, media specialists, public relations officers, speechwriters, public advocates and program coordinators. Graduates can find jobs working for local and regional governments, media outlets, in the offices of politicians and with public outreach organizations. Some bachelor students choose to continue with their academic journey to earn advanced degrees.

Those who are interested in completing this program should take a look at the many school opportunities in the program listing. Fill out the lead form to receive information from specific schools. Are you interested? Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.