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37 Bachelor Programs in Modern Languages 2024



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Bachelor Programs in Modern Languages

As a branch of linguistics, modern languages deals with human languages that are currently being used. Depending on the program and university, a Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages may focus on a single or a number of modern languages or at the linguistics of modern languages as a whole (i.e., studying the linguistic features of contemporary languages). Some BA Modern Languages programs may offer a balance of both.

Graduates BA Modern Languages programs armed with the knowledge of more than one major modern language are very valuable employees to companies. The value of graduates are further increased if they are also versed in other disciplines. Even when taken at its face value, multilingual people can very easily find jobs in translation, interpretation, and business. More than ever, the world economy is becoming more and more globalized; cross-cultural exchange is only becoming more and more evident. For this reason, it is only logical to surmise that graduates of Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages have a bright employment future ahead of them in the world stage.

Take a look through the BA Modern Languages programs below to learn more about the opportunities waiting for you!