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20 Bachelor Programs in Engineering Studies Mechanical Engineering Marine Engineering 2024



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Bachelor Programs in Engineering Studies Mechanical Engineering Marine Engineering

Marine engineering applies basic engineering principles to systems designed to operate in predominately aquatic environments. This includes not only all types of seafaring vessels, docks, harbors, freight-handling facilities, oil platforms, and shipbuilding facilities, but also engines, motors, and navigational and communications devices. Bachelor Marine Engineering programs will give the skills and practical experience necessary to meet these far reaching challenges.

Bachelor Marine Engineering programs are generally four year programs and courses include engineering analysis principles, fluid mechanics, marine structure, wave mechanics, naval architecture, ship dynamics and others. Bachelor Marine Engineering students often have the opportunity to participate in internships or work-study to gain valuable experience. Bachelor Marine Engineering careers include: marine equipment specialist, ship's engineer, hydrographic surveyor, ship design engineer, marine structural engineer, marine systems engineer and propulsion engineer to name a few. It is a growing field with excellent career advancement opportunities.

A Bachelor Marine Engineering program can give you a solid theoretical base while still providing excellent room for growth. To learn more about a Bachelor Marine Engineering degree, search through the options below. Take the next step today!