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Bachelor Programs in Online Degrees Literature Literary Theory

A bachelor’s degree is a three to four-year degree typically pursued by recent high school graduates. Some individuals may choose to earn an undergraduate degree to advance or change their career. An undergraduate degree can also prepare students for a master’s degree program in a chosen field.

What is a Bachelor in Literary Theory? Literary theory is broadly the study of literature and the analytical as well as interpretive methods used to understand it. In some degree programs, this field of study is called “English literature,” “literary criticism” or sometimes simply “literature.” This type of degree program often explores literary text from novels, poems, dramas and more. Program participants learn to analyze and reflect on these pieces of work from a philosophical, political, social and cultural perspective. Courses in this subject may include women’s literature, literary periods and international literature.

Scholars in the field of literary theory often show a number of traits that may be useful in a variety of future careers. These students typically have strong professional writing skills employers regularly look for. Additional skills include strong observational abilities and being highly analytical.

The tuition of a degree program can vary from school to school. However, the cost of earning an undergraduate degree can be reduced by possible financial aid, work study and scholarship opportunities.

A degree in literary theory can help learners secure positions in a variety of industries. A student may pursue a career as a journalist for newspapers, websites and broadcast media. Related careers include working as an editor, advertiser, publisher and more. There are also numerous career opportunities in the field of education ranging from primary school to higher academics like the university level.

A bachelor’s degree can be earned at various universities around the world. Whether a person prefers to study from home or internationally, there are numerous educational options available. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.