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36 Bachelor Programs in Tourism and Hospitality Hotel Management International Hotel Management 2024



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Bachelor Programs in Tourism and Hospitality Hotel Management International Hotel Management

International hotel management deals with the operation of hospitality institutions, including hotels, private estates, restaurants, resorts and spas; and the delivery of services related to these. True to its international calling, courses for BBA International Hotel Management programs are always taught from an international tourism perspective. Moreover, graduates must not only be able to provide such services but also be able to participate in strategic planning. Programs are a blend of academic theory, and practical experience. Students are almost always given first-hand experience in managing hospitality institutions during the span of the program.

Courses typically taught in Bachelor of Business Administration in International Hotel Management programs include restaurant operations, financial management, organizational communication and psychology, personnel training for hospitality and tourism, room divisions management and workplace ethics. As a bachelor of business administration program, great focus is also placed on business economics analysis, market analysis, accounting, statistics and business finance. In a good number of BBA International Hotel Management programs, students are also offered electives like food tasting, business law, consumer behavior, e-business, marketing and hospitality events management.

Graduates have been known to be highly employable in hospitality industries. Depending on the prestige of the program and the university, a BBA in International Hotel Management may prove to be a sure ticket for graduates to work in equally prestigious international hospitality institutions. Likewise, graduates have the opportunity to command formidable salaries fit for someone who is working in a craft of luxury. Take a look through the programs below to learn more!