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261 Bachelor Programs in Online Degrees History 2024



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Bachelor Programs in Online Degrees History

Bachelor in History programs provide a unique and detailed understanding of the past. There are top-notch Bachelor in History programs located at excellent academic institutions around the world. Graduates often have career opportunities in a myriad of professions such as academia, research, historical societies, city governments, business, and management.

Common topics discussed in Bachelor in History programs include historical concepts, research methodology, war history, anthropology, and policy. Many subsections of history are also available for further study such as archeology, ancient Greek history, history of art, US history, political history, history of the evolution of society, and technological history, to name a few. On campus, through distance learning, intensive programs, or online are some common ways of getting a Bachelor in History degree. Lectures, research papers, literature reviews, presentations, group discussions and hands on experience are all techniques utilized in these programs.

Take a look through the Bachelor in History programs below and learn more about the opportunities that are waiting for you!