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53 Bachelor Programs in Greece for 2024



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  • Business Studies (11)
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  • Design Studies (3)
  • Economic Studies (3)
  • Education (1)
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Bachelor Programs in Greece

Students enrolling in Bachelor programs in Greece have the opportunity to choose from a diverse set of study areas, falling within the business, engineering, natural science, social science, hospitality, transportation or legal sectors. Schools in Athens and all around Greece often foster international relationships with foreign universities. These alliances can enhance students' experience and promote cross-cultural awareness in today's age of rapidly increasing globalization.

Bachelor programs in Greece often take three to four years to complete, and often begins with a foundational study year, covering general education topics and laying the groundwork for a productive course of study. Universities in Greece accept students for enrolment based on their grades on national standardized tests, administered nearing the end of high school. There are two main types of universities in Greece: Universities and Higher Technological Educational Institutes. While most tertiary education institutions in Greece are public, there are some private institutions and collaborations with foreign colleges, which may not fit into one of the university/technological education structures.

To read more about how you can set out on your path toward a rewarding career in one of many diverse Bachelor programs, offered by these recognized universities in Greece, scroll down and read more!