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9 Bachelor Programs in Social Sciences Political Science Government 2024



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Bachelor Programs in Social Sciences Political Science Government

Students pursuing a four-year degree at an accredited institution of higher education are generally studying to obtain a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree. Both equally valid, these degrees are proof that an individual is well versed in a particular field of study.

What is a Bachelor in Government? This degree offers an in-depth look at local, national and global political systems. Students are typically required to take rigorous philosophical classes that explore various political theories such as communism, conservatism, fascism and liberalism. Given the wide-ranging topics in this interdisciplinary degree, many students opt to focus on a particular concentration. Popular concentrations include international relations and foreign policy, government and politics, and pre-law.

Students of government can gain the critical thinking skills needed to analyze and compare contrasting political theories and philosophies. Government students may also become adept at analyzing and synthesizing complex data. In addition, they typically acquire the communication skills needed to persuade diverse populations.

Cost is a key concern for many students. Many online and global campuses offer a Bachelor in Government. Tuition costs will vary between institution and training platform.

Government majors are typically interested in pursuing a career in politics. Others use their degree as a platform to launch their career in public service and become diplomats, civil servants or public administrators. Other students choose to work in the private sector and go on to become lawyers, journalists or political analysts. Students with a degree in government may also prefer to work in nongovernmental organizations, using their knowledge of government to conduct advocacy work.

A Bachelor in Government is one of the more common degrees. Thousands of online, local and international schools offer courses in government to help launch your career. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.