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53 Bachelor Programs in Performing Arts Film Studies Filmmaking 2024



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Bachelor Programs in Performing Arts Film Studies Filmmaking

Bachelor’s degree programs are designed to educate well-rounded students capable of pursuing more advanced education or career positions. Many degree plans are crafted for completion in four years or fewer.

What is a Bachelor in Filmmaking? Students with this degree often plan to dive into the exciting industry of filmmaking while learning practical skills and gaining real-world experience. Screenwriting, screen culture, set building, screen production, and decoration are some of the most common focus areas, but students are often given the option of combining electives to suit their unique career goals. In addition to rigorous technique classes, holders of this degree typically receive a diverse education in the philosophies and history of filmmaking. At culmination, most degree plans of this type provide students with the opportunity to participate in a full film production, which may later be used as part of the student’s professional portfolio.

Filmmaking students’ most pertinent abilities most often include the operation of film machinery, management and creation of film sets, and the capacity to multitask in a high stakes environment with competing personalities. These skills can position students for advanced careers and help them develop greater interpersonal relationships.

Fee schedules to earn a bachelor’s degree fluctuate between universities and can be altered based on factors like student residence and university location. Most universities have dedicated admissions staff to assist with financial inquiries and may be contacted at the student’s convenience for more information.

The filmmaking and entertainment industries continue to be exciting avenues of opportunity for graduates with a Bachelor in Filmmaking. When not working directly within film, graduates may find positions in educational institutions, art studios, game studios, and advertising firms. Directors, film producers, screenwriters, broadcast engineers, and film researchers are all popular career paths with this degree, though many graduates have found fulfilling careers as advertising directors and production assistants as well.

Most programs offering a Bachelor in Filmmaking entail heavy practical experience and thus require students to attend on-campus classes for all or part of their degree plan. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.