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5 Bachelor Programs in European Law 2024



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    Bachelor Programs in European Law

    If you are interested in international law and justice, a Bachelor in European Law will prepare you for a legal career on a global scale. Bachelor in European Law programs are diverse and found throughout the world but many are set in exciting locations in Europe. All programs provide something unique and inspiring and are designed to help turn you into an aspiring internationally recognized legal mind. Graduates of Bachelor in European Law programs work in a myriad of industries: legal firms, corporations, business, marketing, banking, venture capital, government, and non-profits, just to name a few.

    The Bachelor in European Law program typically covers the key aspects of International Law, European law, and national laws in comparative perspective. More generally, it also looks at the wider principles and skills you need for a legal career - like listening, writing and presenting. These programs also focus on the cross-cultural interaction needed for today's modern lawyer.

    If you are interested in a Bachelor in European Law, then scroll through the programs below to learn more about the opportunities waiting for you!