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23 Bachelor Programs in Education in Australia for 2024



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Bachelor Programs in Education

Educators are one of the most valued professional groups today for their contributions to every member of society at one point during our lives. Bachelor of Education students in Australia have a range of specializations to choose from, including Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Health, Music or Early Childhood. Universities and colleges in Australia often require students to complete a number of practical experiences, observations and professional development prior to graduation, meaning Bachelor of Education programs usually last for four years.

Foundational courses in a Bachelor of Education degree program fall within a range of related subjects, such as Psychology, History, Sociology, Policy, Professional Practice and more. Beyond these core classes, Bachelor of Education students in Australia will also elect to take other courses within their preferred teaching area, such as Language, Mathematics, Science, Religion, Sport or Arts. Most Australian state teacher-certification organizations require either a Bachelor of Education or another Bachelor program with a Graduate Diploma in Education.

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