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17 Bachelor Programs in Social Sciences Political Science Diplomacy 2024



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Bachelor Programs in Social Sciences Political Science Diplomacy

What is a Bachelor in Diplomacy? There are many complex ins and outs of diplomatic relations. The main focus of the degree is conflict resolution at the government level. Programs draw from a mix of different disciplines including cross-cultural studies, humanities, law, psychology, communication and sociology to give students the tools they need to negotiate and resolve conflicts while taking all points of view into account.

A Bachelor in Diplomacy is a highly specific degree that teaches a unique skill set. These specific skills are not necessarily found in any other combination of degrees, which makes this degree a must-have for anyone interested in going into the field.

The cost of a Bachelor in Diplomacy depends on the program students decide to take. The degree generally takes four years to complete, so total tuition should be calculated accordingly.

The jobs associated with a Bachelor in Diplomacy are primarily with the federal government, working with diplomats. However, there are many jobs available at the state and local level as well, including police negotiator, social worker and correctional officer. Some students also choose to work for private industries as a human resources manager or an independent consultant specializing in conflict resolution.

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