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120 Bachelor Programs in Argentina for 2024



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  • Administration Studies (4)
  • Architecture Studies (5)
  • Art Studies (2)
  • Aviation (0)
  • Business Studies (13)
  • Construction (0)Cosmetology Studies (0)
  • Design Studies (6)
  • Economic Studies (5)
  • Education (3)
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Bachelor Programs in Argentina

A country full of culture and lifestyle, Argentina promises quality stay and education for all international students. There are many reasons that will compel you into choosing to stay and study in this country. The country’s growing economy presents vast opportunities upon graduation and the Spanish speaking country will be the perfect field for you to practice your class work knowledge. The climate is temperate to favor most people from any place. It is regarded subtropical thus making life enjoyable even on holidays. One may even come to this country to enjoy the fascinating natural features such as mountains and rivers, beyond studies. Commuting is easy for anyone in Argentina thanks to the various buses and taxis in the country. The international and local airports also provide an easy link for the international students.

International students in Argentina enjoy quality undergraduate education at a relatively lower cost as compared to most American countries. The system runs within 3 to 4 years of learning with options for either full-time or part-time learning available. Upon graduation, the growing Argentinean economy presents vast research, innovation and business career opportunities for the graduates. Common degree programs for the bachelors include business and technology as well as art. Browse below now to checkout for the best bachelor degrees in Argentina!