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151 Bachelor Programs in Social Sciences Area studies 2024



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Bachelor Programs in Social Sciences Area studies

A bachelor’s degree is awarded to students who have completed an undergraduate program in a particular area of study. Typically, a bachelor’s program is designed to lay the foundation for an advanced degree. However, many individuals go directly from school into the workforce.

What is a Bachelor in Area Studies? The term “area studies” refers to the variety of humanities fields and social sciences that are available to students. Generally, individuals will choose one locale to focus on and spend the majority of their upper-division years researching and examining the politics, culture and geography of the chosen locality. Areas of focus may include international relations, intercultural management and communication, politics, economy and finance or culture and literature.

Those who graduate with a degree in area studies tend to possess many desirable traits and skills. For one, these individuals typically possess a deeper understanding of and compassion for cultures and people that are different than their own. Additionally, graduates tend to be strong critical thinkers and excellent communicators. These are all traits that can serve an individual well in life.

The cost of a bachelor’s program varies from school to school. Factors that may affect the overall cost include location and the duration of a program. Students should speak with an academic advisor about tuition costs prior to enrolling in any one program.

Because the degree can be tailored to be as specific or as broad as individuals like, those who possess a bachelor’s degree in area studies may find that they have many doors open to them. In addition to having opportunities in many different sectors, position titles may include post-secondary teacher, international attorney, foreign service officer, politician, foreign diplomat, journalist, humanitarian aid provider or military correspondent.

Many institutions offer a degree in area studies, and where a person ends up ultimately depends on his or her location, budget and flexibility. Online courses are the most flexible in terms of scheduling and financing. To learn more, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.