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98 Bachelor Programs in Technology Studies BAs Applied Computer Science 2024



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Bachelor Programs in Technology Studies BAs Applied Computer Science

In the school of mathematics and computer sciences, the
degree curriculum for BSc Applied Computer Science is organized to fully equip
all students with the right skills for handling various issues in the world of
computing. The study in applied computer science makes it possible for all
students looking for a future prospect in practicing in the world of computing
to have the quality training experience. The course is designed to offer
graduates an option for specialization in different aspects of the course such
as computer engineering among others. This makes BSc Applied Computer Science a
flexible degree program for students who wish to acquire quality knowledge and
skills in the world of computer technologies.

There is need to train professionals who can handle various
computer related issues. Since the world is now running on the control of
computers, skills experts in its application will be the best way to come up
with relevant solutions to the prevailing issues. BSc Applied Computer Science
aims at delivering the basic knowledge on computing with theories and practical
training being core to the course. The course will enhance computing skills in
handling application problems while enabling the students to gain skills on how
to implement the designed solutions in the wider information technology
industry. Studying for a BSc Applied Computer Science will be a good point to
prepare for future career as computer experts and technologists in various
industries worldwide.