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BA Programs in Administration Studies

A bachelor’s degree program is an educational goal that prepares a student for a professional career, an advancement within an established career, further education or certification. The length of the program varies depending on the required coursework and factors such as internships.

Many people want to know, what is a BA in Administration Studies? The knowledge gained from this major provides a strong foundation for a career in business or management. Classes typically include accounting, business ethics, human resource management, economics, marketing and strategic management. Students may learn critical and creative thinking, time management and the ability to work in groups or teams. The overall goal of a business administration major is to prepare for the global nature of the corporate world.

An administration studies degree provides many benefits. These include the preparation to meet the challenges of the ever-changing economic and business fields. It often allows a person to advance quickly up the corporate ladder.

Every learning institution has its own fee schedule, registration costs and tuition. The variations in emphases and the location of the university often affect the financial requirements, as well. Prospective students should do careful research to determine whether the program they have chosen fulfills their needs upon graduation.

Individuals with a degree in administration often find work in media agencies, management consultancy companies, start-ups, and public and private sector management. Not only does a graduate have a wide range of career options to choose from, many universities provide networking opportunities, practicums or internships that allow a student to make important contacts before graduation. In an increasingly competitive corporate world, this is essential for finding an ideal position.

Administration studies degrees are available in learning institutions around the globe. If students are unable to find a regional university that meets their career goals, online classes open the door to a great number of educational opportunities. To get started, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.