The bachelor's degree in psychology is characterized by modern forms of teaching, learning and examinations as well as consistent theory-practice networking. For example, the case-based teaching and learning method of Problem-Based Learning (POL) is used. This means that students in small groups use patient histories to develop theoretical and application-related learning objectives and to work on these in self-study, including content from lectures, seminars and literature sources.

A unique feature of the Neuruppin Bachelor program Psychology is the close proximity to clinical practice. The integrated Clinic Day gives our students the opportunity to get to know the everyday life and the interaction of psychologists, doctors and nurses on site and in direct contact with patients.


During their studies, students acquire a sound and broad knowledge of neurobiological, cognitive, emotional, social and differential approaches in psychology as well as in psychological diagnostics and scientific methodology. They learn to assess and evaluate the research results of the subject and to develop a methodically sound understanding of research problems. In addition, they also learn to develop, conduct, evaluate and present their own research designs.


admission requirements

Personality, motivation and practical experience count more than school leavers.

Under the motto "Personality instead of NC!" the selection of students is based on personal criteria. Motivation, practical experience and personality should decide whether an applicant can start a study of psychology, and not the grade point average. We do not believe in a connection between good grades and a later empathic activity as a psychologist. Of course you can be a good psychologist even with a grade point average of 1.0! In addition to the very good grades, you also need other strengths and competencies. And we put a special value on that in our personal selection process.

The Medizinische Hochschule Brandenburg conducting a two-stage selection process. After viewing the written application documents, you will be invited to a personal selection interview. The task of the selection committee is to examine the individual inclination and motivation as well as the abilities for independent and self-determined study. A maximum of 42 students are admitted each year.


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