BSc. in Food Service Management


The Bachelor of Science degree course in Food Service Management aims to develop graduates who can be effective managers in the preparation and service of food on a national, regional and international level. This will culminate with the graduate developing competencies and skills that will enable them to provide facilities and services that will achieve customer satisfaction.

The curriculum emphasizes the managerial leadership of foodservice operations and is designed to develop practical, technical and managerial skills. The course is designed primarily for individuals who desire to become managers and supervisors of food service establishments.


The goals of the Food Service Management Degree are:

  • To produce graduates with the required skills and competencies who will satisfy the industry’s demand for Professional Chefs, and Food Service Operation’s Managers.
  • To contribute to the national and regional growth and development of the foodservice industry by providing graduates who are innovative, creative and entrepreneurial who will develop their own business initiatives, thus creating employment for the Caribbean Community.
  • To produce graduates who will be capable of making a significant contribution to the technological and innovative changes that are currently occurring in the industry internationally through research and information technology.
  • To create professional linkages for the graduates in the industry through cooperative education, apprenticeship and professional conferences.


The four-year Bachelor of Science degree course in Food Service Management is designed to satisfy the needs of the foodservice industry job market. The curriculum emphasizes the managerial leadership of foodservice operations and is designed to develop practical, technical, and managerial skills in graduates, who can compete with other food service graduates locally, regionally and internationally. It is designed primarily for individuals who desire to become managers and supervisors of food service establishments.

The BSc. FSM Degree offers two (2) areas of specialization and three (3) minor offerings. The total number of credits for the course is 140. All the modules in Years 1 & 2 will be common. Years 3 & 4 students will be in their specialized options or minor.

The areas of specialization are:

  • Food and Beverage Management
  • Culinary Arts and Management

The minor offerings will be in the areas of:

  • Marketing
  • Information Technology
  • Meetings and Special Events Management

Students will be required to complete two summers of professional work experience (a minimum of ten weeks for each Summer), which may be done locally or overseas. Practical hands-n training is done at Lillian's Restaurant, a Food and Beverage training facility on the UTech campus.

Students may have opportunities for international experiences through professional internships and the international cuisine course.


The Food Service Management Degree Course is offered full-time over four years.


There will be three (3) methods of entry to the course:

Normal Entry - an applicant who satisfies the University’s normal matriculation requirements and is successful at the interview. This applicant will enter the course of study in Year 1.

Mature Entry – An applicant over the age of 25 years, who has not satisfied the university’s matriculation requirement, may be accepted into Year 1 of the course using the prior learning assessment (PLA) route. The student will work with the PLA Coordinator and an assigned supervisor to develop a portfolio to demonstrate knowledge equivalent to the University’s matriculation standards and /or gain PLA credit for work in the area of specialization.

Advanced Placements – Applicants eligible for advanced placement are those applicants to the University from other approved educational institutions who may be granted module exemptions for undergraduate and postgraduate courses of study. Students, who are accepted through the advanced placement method, will advance into Year 3 of the course. In some cases, however, the applicants will be required to take necessary bridging courses to satisfy requirements for the degree.

At the interview, applicants will be required to indicate their areas of specialization and/ or minors. Students who were granted advanced placement from other institutions will enter the course in Year 3 and would have already declared their major at their previous institutions. They would be required to do one internship period only because they would have already completed two internship periods totaling 10 weeks.

Note that all students entering via advanced placement must complete 85% of their upper-level modules at UTech in order to gain a UTech degree.


Students in Years 2 and 3 of the FSM degree course, will be required to complete an internship over two summers, for ten (10) weeks each, in an approved hospitality or tourism organization, locally or overseas.

The objectives of the School’s internship module are to:

  • Assist in the development of the students’ potential by affording them the opportunity to work in Food Service Management related areas.
  • Liaise with the industry to make a viable, economic and productive contribution to organizations through the trainees.
  • Enable organizations to evaluate potential graduates.
  • Enhance students’ practical experience in food service management.

Successful completion of the internship is mandatory for the award of the degree.


To be eligible for admission to the Food Service Management Degree (BSc. FSM), applicants must satisfy the following minimum university matriculation requirements:

a) Possess five (5) CXC General Proficiency passes or equivalent at grades I, II, or III (grade III is accepted from June 1998) or G.C.E. ‘O’ Levels, levels A, B & C in English Language, Mathematics and three (3) other subjects. (Preference will be given to applicants with a Foreign Language).

b) Pass an admissions interview.


Students are required to complete an integrative study in the form of a major research project. The purpose of completing this final project is to:

  • Involve students in more industry-related problem solving
  • Integrate the theoretical and the practical aspects of research
  • Encourage self-directed learning
  • Promote team-based learning
  • Ensure that students can demonstrate an understanding of research methodology

Students will be required to present the findings of their research projects to persons from the hospitality and tourism industry and participate in the School’s annual hospitality and tourism EXPO by mounting a display which focuses on their major research project.

Program taught in:
  • English

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