Bachelor in Hotel Management


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Bachelor in Hotel Management

The I.F.T.'s BA Hotel Management is a programme designed with the modern hospitality professional in mind. The programme includes 42 courses, an internship (third year) and thesis writing. Following courses are on the list inter alia:

Principles of Management

The objective of this course is to provide students with background knowledge of various business disciplines, and how it relates to its environment. The study plan follows logically from the inception of a business idea to eventually managing the internal organisation. Accordingly, students will be acquainted with the necessary concepts and tools to understand the essence of business management.

Hotel Operations

This course aims to provide students with a view of hotel operations from the perspective of a General Manager. The position of General Manager necessitates one to possess a macro and micro view of the hospitality industry in general and the hotel in particular. The person at the helm of a hotel operation constantly has to make judicious decisions based on a balance of theoretical and practical considerations.

In order that students have real-world exposure to various aspects of general management, General Managers of hotels in Macao are invited to give guest lectures/seminars. The content list is not exhaustive and any suitable topics may be presented. Students are required to do a written synopsis of five presentations of their choice with an explanation as to their selection. The graded assignments and attendance make up the course grade.

Lodging Management

This course covers the hotel Rooms Division that is responsible for the all lodging-related aspects of a commercial hotel. The guestroom is the defining characteristic of hotels in that a hotel with its accommodation portion removed no longer can be called a hotel. Revenue generated from guestroom occupancy is typically is the bulk of a hotel’s total revenue and therefore all activities directly related to the operation of the aptly named Rooms Division, are critical.

Whilst the course focuses on the core activities of the Rooms Division, i.e. Front Office and Housekeeping, the student will gain an appreciation for allied activities such as Security and Engineering operations and for the interrelationship between the Rooms Division and the other divisions within a hotel.


The aim of the 6-month undergraduate internship programme is to provide students the opportunity to:

  • Develop skills and competencies for the diversity of occupations and professions in the hospitality and tourism industries and to further explore career directions.

Enhance the knowledge they attained in their academic coursework via practice and real-life application of the concepts and principles they have mastered. Networking with professionals, executives, and members of the industry, allowing students to develop professional partnerships and industry connections. Engage in self-learning and pursue topics of interests that can be the subject for their future personal studies. Gain actual work experience and enable them to be functionally ready and effective in their future employment. Explore and carry out entrepreneurial and other creative initiatives.

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