HCMUT-Bach Khoa University’s training program has been updated to meet the society’s needs of highly qualified human resources in Environmental Management area. Students in the of Environmental Management and Technology Programs at HCMUT-Bach Khoa University are equipped with knowledge basis of environmental and natural resources management, remote sensing and GIS applications in natural resources management; knowledge of treatment technology to water supply, wastewater, waste gas and solid waste.


Environmental Management and Technology Programs students learn how to link management decisions with local, regional and global sustainability initiatives

Students will also learn how to link management decisions with local, regional and global sustainability initiatives and be equipped to develop clear alternatives for professional organizations to secure a sustainable future, in both economic and environmental terms.

Soft skills such as teamwork, communication, identifying & solving problems through hands-on training are also offered to our students in a creative, professional, dynamic and competitive international environment.

Career opportunity

Environmental Management and Technology engineers can meet the recruitment needs and work at the national and local state agency on environment, projects management board, manufacturing enterprises, industrial areas, non-governmental organizations, domestic and foreign environmental consulting firms and centers, research institutes and universities specialized in environmental resource management.

  • State management offices often recruit engineers of Environmental Management and Technology Science graduated from HCMUT-Bach Khoa University, such as Provincial Ministry and Department of Environment and Natural Resources; Provincial Conservation Department; Environmental Monitoring Center of the province; Ministry and Department of Science and Technology; Ministry and Department of Agriculture and Rural Development; District-based Department of Environmental and Natural Resources Management, etc.
  • Management Board of national, provincial, municipal, local projects such as of environmental sanitation and drainage basin improvement, renovation of river-basin water in quality, provincial management of solid waste, industrial zone and EPZ management, etc.
  • Companies often recruit engineers of Environmental Management and Technology graduated from HCMUT-Bach Khoa University, including: SEEN, Energy Development Center (EDEC), Nike Vietnam, Clover Technologies Group, and the environmental consulting firm with advisory functions in setting up feasibility report for projects relating to the environment, natural resources, report for environmental impact assessment and for local / national / regional development planning, etc.
  • Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) often recruit engineers of Environmental Management and Technology graduated from HCMUT-Bach Khoa University, including: IUCN Vietnam, CARE Vietnam, and foreign NGOs such as WWF, Save the Children, ENDA, social organizations such as Water and Environmental Conservation Unions, Environmental Conservation Association, etc.

Opportunity to transfer to our partner universities

Students have 2 options:

  • Option 1: Students study at HCMUT-Bach Khoa University for 4 years and get the Bachelor of Environmental Management & Technology awarded by HCMUT-Bach Khoa University
  • Option 2: After completing 02 years at HCMUT-Bach Khoa University, students with financial and academic eligibility may transfer to Griffith University (Australia) the later 02 years to complete their study for Bachelor degree. The official bachelor degree is awarded by the University of Adelaide (Australia). The advantage of this option is that the student can save about 50% total fee (tuition fee and living expense) compared to studying for full 4 years in Australia to get a Bachelor Degree awarded by the Griffith University (Australia).

Curriculum Structure

  • Study language: English
  • Training duration: 04 years at HCMUT-Bach Khoa University
  • Campus: HCMUT-Bach Khoa University campus

List of Courses

Numerical Methods Vietnamese Language 2
Technical Drawing Gas Analysis for Natural Resources and Environmental Management
General Vietnamese Language 1 Soil Pollution Management and Control
Business Administration for Engineers Solid and Hazardous Waste Management
Environmental Analytical Chemistry 2 and Lab Environmental Modeling
Optimization and Environmental Statistics Occupational Safety and Environmental Hygiene in Industry
Physical Training Environmental Monitoring
Environmental Toxicology and Lab-Works Lab Course on Waste Treatment
Physico-Chemical Processes for Environmental Engineering Air Pollution Control
Environmental Law and Policy Environmental Management in Urban & Industrial Park
Environmental Systems Analysis Resource and Environmental Economics
Environmental Hydrology Project Planning and Analysis for Engineers
Environmental Ecology Water Resource Management
Environmental Microbiology Environmental Impact & Rick Assessment
Biological Processes for Environmental Engineering Managing Urban Water Supply and Drainage System

Please contact or visit HCMUT-Bach Khoa University website for further information.

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Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology

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