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Program Description


How is the course structured?

The course comprises 7 semesters. The 5th semester is a semester.

What does the MD.H?

"The fashion does not escape you." - So that it brings Karl Lagerfeld to the point. Fashion is an expression of the zeitgeist, and demands by the designers and designers a high socio-cultural and ecological awareness.

in the Fashion Design course is placed on the medial transformation processes of fashion in addition to a practical and systematic exchange of prototype development and collection design, special emphasis. Students develop the methodological basis for scientific and conceptual working, and an extensive contextual knowledge in fashion and design theoretical range to marketing and fashion management. It will impart knowledge to new technologies in the interface design, industrial clothing design, textile production and visual communication and their impact on the production process of clothing and the clothing itself. Special focus is on developing an awareness of ecological and social responsibility the design, production and communication process of fashion.

Students of MD.H receive free access to the global trend information network WGSN while studying.

By the way: At the beginning of the second semester to get the fashion design students a laptop for use during the period of study.


  • Duration: 7 semesters
  • Type: Full Time
  • Credit Points: 210 ECTS
  • Degree: Bachelor of Arts (BA)
  • Release dates: October 1
  • Locations: Munich, Dusseldorf, Berlin

application procedure

A detailed application and the successful completion of an aptitude test to decide on the admission.

The written application includes:

  • credentials
  • CV with photo
  • Wallet with design sketches
  • Imagery from own collections

tailored to the body - fashion designer / interior between cult and trend

Whether for the catwalk, the theater or the movie - Fashion designer / interior design prototypes, individual fashion spreads or develop collections for small labels or famous companies. work Depending on the focus fashion designer / interior for Media companies, in the Entertainment industry or in the field Communication, Sales or management. The base? Colors, shapes and materials. To hold its own successfully, has profound crafting knowledgeDominated specialist digital technologies and can sell ideas.

How to become a fashion designer / in (BA)?

Admission Requirements

General higher education entrance or a recognized equivalent. No formal study in accordance with § 11 BerlHG by the subject-specific university entrance qualification is possible.

personal requirements

  • good perception
  • spatial imagination
  • creativity
  • drawing talents
  • initiative
  • teamwork
  • trendy interest

Even professionals without university entrance can study specialist. These changes of university admission is based on an agreement of all states. Prerequisite: A successfully completed two years of training and at least three years of professional experience. With a subject-specific access to college to find a year trial study a pre-qualifying your complete corresponding study.

Foremen, technicians and business administrators and support of the general university degree equivalent statements are allowed to study any subject.

Last updated May 2016

About the School

Media Design School (MD.H – ger. Mediadesign Hochschule) is one of the leading universities for media and design in Germany. It educates the offspring of tomorrow in all relevant areas of the media. S ... Read More

Media Design School (MD.H – ger. Mediadesign Hochschule) is one of the leading universities for media and design in Germany. It educates the offspring of tomorrow in all relevant areas of the media. Students benefit from the special way that the Media Design School is linked with the economy. Read less
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