We live in a digital world. Whether a problem revolves around engineering, science, or business, inevitably, the solution will have “computing” at its core. The “search engine” has now become a ubiquitous presence in our personal and professional lives as a means to readily accessing information needed for decision-making that only a few years ago would have required armies of researchers and days or weeks to compile and organize.

Computing is a growing and continuously evolving discipline that provides an ongoing opportunity for its graduates. Businesses and other organizations increasingly depend on computer-based data collection, organization and analysis to inform their decisions and professionals who can “bridge” computing and business are in high demand worldwide.

Computing is of course about developing code and software, but it takes more than keystrokes to build an idea into a “product”. It takes collaboration and teamwork and understanding other disciplines and their needs. It takes both managerial and technical skills. And it takes creativity and the ability to lead.

ACT offers the opportunity to students to obtain a well-rounded degree in Computer Science or an applied degree in Business Computing.

The computing curriculum is both rigorous and challenging and provides students with both theoretical background but also the practical skills needed by organizations and companies across the board. Still aiming to provide a well-rounded education, not only expert functional training, the program allows students to readily combine Computing studies with other disciplines such as Business, etc. And the school's IT labs, Electronics-Robotics lab and Fabrication Lab in the Niarchos Technology Center make state-of-the-art IT facilities easily accessible to students in the program.

College degrees

  • Computer Science (BSc)
  • Business and Computing (BSc)


  • Computer Science*
  • Multimedia and Web Development**

*can be combined with any major outside the department
**can be combined with any major except Computer Science

Certificates and “course packs”

  • Web Development
  • Digital Media
  • Cisco Certified Networking Associate Program (C.C.N.A.)
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Sep 2019
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